Imagine trying to come up with an affiliate promotional campaign…

  • You have to write your email sequence
  • You have to find relevant and quality bonuses
  • You have to design a beautiful and high converting bonus page that shows the benefit and value of your bonuses for the campaign
  • And if you do product reviews, you’d have to come up with a script so you know exactly what you must say to get people to grab the offer through your link.

And that’s for ONLY 1 offer.

Imagine doing all of that for different offers every day or every week.

Getting overwhelmed already?

Hey, my name is Michael Agene and I am a lazy 6-figure Platinum Affiliate Marketer.

I created AffiliateSuite because I was tired of reinventing the wheel every time I’m planning a new affiliate campaign.

So instead of writing and designing all I need for any promotion, I built a software that automates it all so I can spend more time traveling and binging on my favorite shows on Netflix.

If you’re an affiliate marketer (or looking into becoming one), I have no doubt AffiliateSuite will help you save time while earning more.

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